Protexo was created as a solution to problems with employees in execution and from the needs of employers to solve them.PROTEXO is the only product on the market that addresses this issue.

It helps employers stabilise key employees while maintaining their status at a time when unemployment is low. Thanks to PROTEXO, the employer will gain key arguments for motivating the employee, and thanks to the benefits he receives, he will be able to work under more interesting conditions.


  • Employees
  • Sole traders

The employer will get a complete overview of the employees in the execution already at the moment of their interest to work in the company, during the period of the employment relationship, when he can significantly change the situation, up to the possible transition of the employee from execution to insolvency. By monitoring, no employee will receive any execution, because the problem will be solved immediately.


  • You get a unique product on the market
  • You'll have all your employees under control and get their loyalty
  • Get effective incentive tools and employee benefits, including paid overtime options
  • You will have no additional financial costs
  • We will provide you with all documents
  • Your administrative burden will decrease significantly (up to 70%)
  • You will have several variants of cooperation with us


PROTEXO is new and offers a different solution than the transition to insolvency. From 1. 6. 2019, the new rules of the Insolvency Act apply, which will not be of interest to everyone. If the employee is dealt with using protexo, he can return to normal life after debt relief and will not be registered anywhere.


Our company can make a disadvantage an advantage. If the employee is in execution, he/she will not reach the services and benefits that the employee can use without financial burden. We will remove any deposits or select a service provider that the individual will not reach. So we can offer services to all your employees to give them additional motivation to work in your company.