We are ready to provide you with a solution in debt management. We deal with complex issues of receivables, their analysis, solution proposals and administration. We are not an enforcement agency, we can provide external collection agencies for enforcement. Our efforts aim to reduce the cost of managing receivables, make them more efficient and reduce your administrative burden in resolving receivables.

We prefer multi-stage enforcement, which has proven to be more efficient and cheaper in practice. At the same time, we can adapt our work to the specifics of your business and thus choose the most advantageous solution. We monitor debtors in the insolvency register throughout the debt management period.                                                                                                


The use of a motivational campaign has proved very successful for us. While maintaining the company's reputation, success rates are rising rapidly. enforcement

  • Christmas or Easter events – forgiveness of part of the debt.
  • Amnesty for fines – contractual fines are annuled when the debt is paid.
  • Set up your payments – the borrower will call proa proa proastedly to provide us with a contact. We will use the space provided for negotiations on debt payment.

Our offer


Based on the data and a simple questionnaire, we will provide you with an analysis of the status of receivables and procedures in their management.


We can greatly improve the payment morale of debtors by adjusting your communication. We'll put in place procedures within your business to speed up the recovery process while emote control over the status of receivables.


We provide outsourcing of receivables – we take over their management completely. We can adapt to the type of portfolio of receivables. In regular reports, we will show you the recovery process, efficiency and current status. We will reduce costs and relieve you of your debt worries.