Unique and unique solutions to your problems with employees in executions and debt traps, stabilization of personnel in the company

Solutions and programs


– reducing the administrative burden on payroll accounting by up to 70%

– verification of the correctness of procedures – training (more than 60% of employers do not do the right thing in the enforcement issue of employees)

– increasing the motivation of employees affected by executions and debt traps

– we offer unique benefits even for employees without financial burden.

– reducing payout requirements in the grey economy


– comprehensive debt solution

– resolution of receivables from their inception to final resolution

– setting up a system that directly prevents or limits the emergence of receivables and liabilities throughout their resolution. (we do not work as a classic direct direct d’ed company)

– we have completely unique software from our own development, which solves the issue of receivables from the very beginning to their final resolution, completely automated, and this system was created mainly with regard to the fact that its operation does not have to have knowledge and experience in this area


  • is intended for employees and employers who are currently trapped in debt but are not yet in foreclosure
  • we guarantee that debtors in our care will never end up in foreclosure protection
  • we will take over all communication with creditors and set up roads in a crisis situation until they are resolved education
  • providing professional training primarily in managerial skills and legal minimum (specialization in execution, insolvency, law, accounting and debt issues).



advising and assisting crisis management of companies, setting up a crisis plan that leads to the resolution of the unfavourable situation of the company